Freitag, 14. Dezember 2012

FT Person of the Year: M. Draghi

Die FT hat Mario Draghi zur Person des Jahres gekührt.

Begründet hat sie dies mit dem beherzten Eingreifen des EZB-Präsidenten in die Eurokrise im Sommer 2012. Aus dem FT-Beitrag:
"“Within our mandate, the ECB is ready to do whatever it takes to preserve the euro,” Mr Draghi said, pausing for effect. “And believe me, it will be enough.” [...]
The impact of Mr Draghi’s two brief sentences was immediate – and durable. His central role in the euro crisis – the biggest story of 2012 – has earned him the FT’s vote as Person of the Year. Other figures, notably Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and Mario Monti, the outgoing reformist prime minister of Italy, have both played vital parts. But Mr Draghi has been the leading protagonist, insistently prodding governments and central banks to support the measures necessary to preserve the euro. [...]

In Italy, the central banker’s political skills are much admired. “Whereas Mario Monti is a Catholic, Mario Draghi is the Pope,” says a friend of both men. [...]

So, will Mr Draghi go down in history as the man who saved the euro? “This year will in my view be remembered as the year when the long-term vision for the euro and the euro area was relaunched,” he says. But other actions were also vital, notably the June European summit. “For the first time in many years, [leaders] laid out a medium-term vision for a genuine economic and monetary union made by four pillars: fiscal union, the so-called banking union, the economic union and political union.”"
(ht: Olaf Storbeck.)

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