Mittwoch, 10. April 2013

CR über deutsche Wirtschaftspolitik

Bill McBride verliert auf Calculated Risk die Contenance, weil ihm die Weltsicht des deutschen Finanzministers als allzu realitätsfern erscheint.

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"This is an actual quote today from the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble:

"Nobody in Europe sees this contradiction between fiscal policy consolidation and growth,” Schauble said. “We have a growth-friendly process of consolidation, and we have sustainable growth, however you want to word it.”
Obviously there is a contradiction between "fiscal policy consolidation and growth". And not everyone is blind to the obvious - some people in Europe see the obvious contradiction (just look at the data).

And a "growth friendly process"? "Sustainable growth"?  Nonsense. Maybe Schauble should look at the data (here is the eurostat data on GDP and unemployment).

Comment: Obviously Schauble is the worst kind of policymaker. He believes in "austerity über alles" and can't be swayed by the results. Very sad."

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