Mittwoch, 11. Dezember 2013

Modernes Dienstpersonal

Interessanter Beitrag über die Bedingungen im Service-Sektor im historischen Vergleich.

David C. Johnston argumentiert, warum es Arbeitnehmern in weiten Teilen der Dienstleistungsbranche schlechter geht als vergleichbaren Arbeitnehmern vor 100 Jahren.
"At least one class of American workers is having a much harder time today than a decade ago, than during the Great Depression and than a century ago: servants.

The reason for this, surprisingly enough, is outsourcing. Let me explain.

Prosperous American families have adopted the same approach to wages for servants as big successful companies, hiring freelance outside contractors for all sorts of functions — from child care and handyman chores to gardening and cleaning work — to reduce costs.

Instead of live-in servants, who were common in prosperous U.S. households before World War II, better-off families now outsource the family cook, maid and nanny."

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