Donnerstag, 5. Dezember 2013

Teaching Macro

Tja, neuer Job ... geänderter Fokus.

Deswegen heute kurz der Hinweis auf zwei Blogeinträge zum Thema, wie bzw. wann man Makro an der Uni unterrichten sollte.

Mike Konczal meinte ganz am Anfang:
"What if macroeconomics came first, before the study of individual markets? If were to reverse the typical curriculum, the first thing undergraduates would encounter wouldn’t be abstract theories about people optimizing, but instead the idea of involuntary unemployment and the idea that the economy could operate below its potential. They’d study the economy in the short-run before going to issues of long-term growth, with professors having to explain the theories on how the two are linked, bringing in crucial concepts like hysteresis."
Noah Smith dagegen meint, dass  man erst mal die Konzepte/Modelle einführen sollte, die "funktionieren":
"Macroeconomics, and particularly business cycle theory (the theory of why we have recessions), is econ's glamour league. Macro is so important that we elevate it to an equal plane with micro in graduate programs - there's an "introductory micro sequence" and an equally sized "introductory macro sequence". Out there in the real world, everyone and their dog wants to know why recessions happen and how we can prevent or escape them.

But despite its glamour, macro is really only one small part of economics.

[...] if we teach kids macro first, we will be deliberately starting them off on the stuff that doesn't really work. Notice that no other science does this. Take an intro physics class, and it starts with Newton's Laws, projectile motion, classical electrodynamics, and optics - not the deepest stuff, not the cutting edge, but the stuff that has worked really, really well for hundreds of years. The successes. Only five or six years later do you get to the string theory and the cosmology and the speculative, cutting-edge stuff."
Und in der Tat ist es natürlich schwierig mit Makro anzufangen, wenn grundlegende Konzepte wie Angebot-und-Nachfrage noch nicht behandelt wurden. (Auch wenn ich der Auszeichnung(?) "econ's glamour league" nur zustimmen kann ;-) 

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