Mittwoch, 5. November 2014

5,000 Years of Debt

Noah Smith diskutiert das Buch "Debt. The first 5000 years" von David Graeber.

... und er lässt kein bzw. wenig gute Haare an dem Buch.
"Anyway, [... t]o wrap up the review, Debt: The First 5,000 Years is not a book I recommend. It contains some interesting tidbits, but these are not worth the cost of the slog. Perhaps capitalism is a rotten, inhumane system that kills relationships, rewards violence and trickery, and enslaves us all to the brutal logic of the market before inevitably destroying the planet. Or perhaps not. But either way, there's little insight to be gained by reframing the issue in terms of debt. Or if there is, I'm damned if I can find that insight in this book. Perhaps the next 5,000 years will prove more enlightening."
Ich habe vor ein oder zwei Jahren angefangen zu lesen und habe es nach dem einleitenden historischen Überblick auch gelangweit und verwirrt zur Seite gelegt.

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