Freitag, 13. März 2015

Dollar vs. Euro

Tim Duy beschreibt, warum unter dem Strich die aktuelle Entwicklung trotz Aufwertung des Dollars positiv für die US-Wirtschaft ist.
"I think that the policy shift in Europe does reduce tail risk for the global economy, and is therefore a positive for the US economy (I suspect the Fed thinks so as well). But it reduces tail risk because ECB policy is supporting not one but two positive economic shocks - both falling oil and a falling Euro. And, all else equal, a falling euro means a stronger dollar, which means a negative for the US economy. Tail risk for Europe is reduced at a cost for the US economy (a cost that the Federal Reserve and US Treasury both seem willing to endure)."
Von einem Währungskrieg zwischen USA und Euroraum sind wir also meilenweit entfernt.

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